pexels-photo-267491 education girl cropA strong, prosperous society begins with effective education policy. As your representative, Andrew will:

  • Expand education funding
  • Support strengthening Headstart/pre-K programs
  • Advocate more school choices by promoting vocational programs



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We are blessed to have a thriving multitude of energy options, right here in Texas. Andrew believes that when the energy industry thrives, Texas thrives.

  • Provide robust support to industries to ensure Texas remains a global leader in energy and natural resources.
  • Promote job growth in the green and renewable energy sector.
  • Working with oil and gas companies to train workers across multiple energy sectors.


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As North Texas grows, infrastructure is among the most effective ways to encourage and sustain economic growth and prosperity. We must maintain our current infrastructure, and provide for future expansion. Andrew believes:

  • Infrastructure investment is good for the economy, good for jobs, and is good for safety
  • Building better roads and bridges will build pathways towards progress and prosperity
  • Sustain and maintain the growing population in North Texas with smart, disciplined growth


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A healthy people leads to a thriving society; to accomplish this, we must address the costs of healthcare and health insurance. To fight for a healthier Texas, Andrew will:

  • Fight for Texas to accept the Medicaid expansion
  • Negotiate with health insurance and healthcare providers to lower costs for all Texans
  • Support access to better options for Texan’s healthcare

Local Government

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Local issues typically have local knowledge and local solutions. As your representative, Andrew will speak for the people of Denton, Corinth, Krum, and all cities, to ensure their communities can speak and act for themselves. Andrew supports:

  • Opposing one-size-fits-all government in Austin.
  • Engaging and empowering residents in deciding what is best for their communities.
  • Funding city and county offices to carry out these policies.